University of Washington

Forensic Computer Examiner Certification

Certified Computer Examiners Boot Camp

Camp AccessData Computer Forensic Boot Camp

Susteen Certified Forensic Mobile Examiner

SUSTEEN Secure View 4.3.0

svDDR - Deleted Data Recovery: Acquire data from targeted Android mobile phones

svPin - Unlock CDMA cell phone passwords (using Qualcomm chip set)

IsvSmart - Intelligence Gathering Tool - IPhone/Android Pincode Password Breaker

svLoader - 3rd party cell phone extraction data: Download, analyze, verify and validated other sources

The computer forensic training included the following areas: regulations, digital investigations, compliance, legal, computer law, electronic crime, incident response, creating, handling and preserving electronic evidence, chain of custody reporting, criminal, civil and privacy law, intellectual property law, ethics, interviewing witnesses and suspects.

Mobile device forensics

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